Ambassador 2018



Tehtävän päätuomarina Burhan Ozbilici.
Kilpailutöiden palautus 3.2. mennessä.
Yleisöäänestys 4.- 10.2.

Voittajat julkaistaan helmikuussa
Rajala Pro Shop tapahtumassa Helsingissä.

Kuvaa itsesi kuvaajana

Valokuvaajat nähdään yleensä heidän töidensä kautta. Se, kuka on kameran takana, jää piiloon. Samoin yleisöltä jää näkemättä se prosessi – ja tunne – joka kuvan ottamiseen on liittynyt.  

Rajala on julistanut vuoden 2019 kuvaajien juhlavuodeksi 100-vuotisen taipaleensa kunniaksi. Kääntäkäämme siis Rajala Ambassador -kilpailun finaalitehtävässä kamera kuvaajiin – teihin itseenne.  

Miten sinä näet itsesi kuvaajana? Ikuista se. Kuvaustyyli ja -tilanne ovat vapaasti valittavissa. Jokainen meistä on ainutlaatuinen ihminen myös ammattinsa tai harrastuksensa parissa, joten anna persoonasi näkyä.

Yksittäisen kuvan sijaan voit toteuttaa tehtävän myös kuvasarjana (max. 5 kuvaa). Varmista kuitenkin, että niistä muodostuu eheä tarina: kuva sinusta kuvaajana.

 Describe yourself as a photographer 

Photographers can usually be experienced through their work. The person behind the camera remains hidden. Likewise, the process – and feeling – associated with taking of the photos is not visible to the public. 

In honour of its 100-year journey, Rajala has declared the year 2019 as the anniversary year of photographers. Therefore, as the final task of the Rajala Ambassador competition, let’s point the camera at the photographers – at yourselves. 

How do you see yourself as a photographer? Immortalise it. The photographing style and situation are freely selectable. Each of us is unique also when practising his or her profession or hobby, so be kind and reveal your persona. 

Instead of a single photo, series of photos (max. 5 photos) are also eligible. However, make sure they make up a genuine story: an image of you as a photographer.

Kilpailijoiden kuvat

Äänestys on päättynyt.

Assi pulkkinen

Small things matter

“This first photo describes me as a thoughtful and sensitive person. These are my strengths as a photographer and those qualities helps to see the little details. In my opinion, if you want to be good at something you need to notice even the smallest things”

Unfinished coincidence

“The second photo has been taken in Muntigunung village. Behind this photo is joy, coincidence and living in the moment. I had very fun time with kids while playing with the camera and remote controller. At the end of the day there wasn’t any perfect photos, just unfinished snaps. I still decided to choose this one to the competition since somehow this picture tells a lot – about my personality and me as a photographer. “


“Third photo tells about confidence and determination. There is something inside of me that helps me to achieve my dreams and goals. Of course, there are times when I doubt myself, but I still put myself into new challenges. Or rather, I just found myself climbing to the new hill. As a photographer, I trust my intuition and trusting to intuition is trusting yourself.”

Sari Soininen


“I photograph art, events and people. I would describe myself as a dreamer, a sceptic and a truth seeker. I wanted to make a conceptual art photograph because I think it describes me the most as a photographer, it's something that looks like me. It was important to me to make only one image that combines every sides of me as a photographer because all in all I am unity. I love colours and beauty, so I wanted to make a beautiful photograph with a chaos that forms conformity.” 

Samir Zarrouk

Lost in time

“I find self-portrait something that is not easy to do for me. I try to think of ways to take my self-portrait including the things I love – Architecture and long exposure photography, to get to know much about me. When I´m not photographing, I spend my free time reading books in library. It helps me to deal with stress and reduce it.”

Ömer Acar

Avanto (ice hole)

“When it feels like I sense everything blurry and noisy I have trusted my camera to make my thoughts clearer and to help me focus on details which I wouldn’t have seen without it. Sometimes a memory or a moment saved in an image makes you gasp air just as it would after a heavy physical exercise or when you immerse yourself into a frozen lake for a winter swim. It can make time stop for a moment and clear up my mind.”