Ambassador 2018


 Som huvuddomare fungerar Burhan Ozbilici. 
Retur av tävlingsbidragen senast 3.2.
Publikomröstning 4.-10.2

Vinnarna publiceras i februari
vid ett Rajala Pro Shop evenemang i Stockholm.

Fotografera dig själv som fotograf 

Vi ser vanligen fotograferna genom deras arbeten. Den som står bakom kameran syns aldrig. Åskådarna ser heller aldrig processen – och känslan – som är kopplad till själva fotograferingen.  

För att hedra sitt 100-årsjubileum har Rajala nu publicerat fotograferna för 2019. I Rajala Ambassador-tävlingens finaluppgift ska kameran vändas mot fotograferna – er själva.  

Hur uppfattar du dig själv som fotograf? Föreviga det. Du får själv välja fotograferingssätt och -situation. Vi är alla unika individer både i arbetet och på fritiden, så låt din personlighet träda fram.

Utöver en enstaka bild kan du även göra uppgiften som en bildserie (max 5 bilder). Se dock till att de bildar en enhetlig story: en bild av dig som fotograf.

Describe yourself as a photographer 

Photographers can usually be experienced through their work. The person behind the camera remains hidden. Likewise, the process – and feeling – associated with taking of the photos is not visible to the public. 

In honour of its 100-year journey, Rajala has declared the year 2019 as the anniversary year of photographers. Therefore, as the final task of the Rajala Ambassador competition, let’s point the camera at the photographers – at yourselves. 

How do you see yourself as a photographer? Immortalise it. The photographing style and situation are freely selectable. Each of us is unique also when practising his or her profession or hobby, so be kind and reveal your persona.

Instead of a single photo, series of photos (max. 5 photos) are also eligible. However, make sure they make up a genuine story: an image of you as a photographer.


Publikomröstning är slut!

Evelina Lindahl

The multiartist

“I'm a multiartist doing both art, illustrations a.s.o. In this picture I wanted to experiment with using both natural and artificial light. To the left in my picture the lightning is all natural from a roof-window and to the right I've used "artificial" lightning. I hope people looking at the picture find some hidden secrets, hidden messages. Maybe the viewer finds a story or a motion in the picture. Hopefully they see both aspiration, seriousness and depth that goes beyond a seductive appearance, which is just my twist to get people puzzled.”

Iida-Maria Purolainen

In love

“Have you ever been in love? You know that feeling of being ridiculously happy and kind of weightless? Lost in time and space. When I pick up my camera, that's exactly what I feel. All around, everywhere I look, I see beauty and I want to capture it before it is gone.”

Lukas Lennse


“I like to hike and explore different places, especially forests and nature reserves. I also like to bring my analogue camera with me, which is both fun to use and gives another type of feeling in the photos. The winter season is at its peak here in Sweden, and the snow has coated almost every surface. Even though the snow has covered all ground and vegetation, it’s created an open canvas which lets you be creative. I wanted to give the feeling of just that in the image. Like a painting on a white canvas.”

William Karlgren

Half open, half closed

“I very seldom go somewhere to shoot without having an idea what I want the finished product to look like. I’ve already seen it in my head. Half of the creative process is of course getting visual impressions during the day with my eyes wide open, always on the lookout for inspiration, but I don’t do anything other than simply registering them. When the day is over, and I lay down to sleep, that’s when the other half of the process starts. I think you’d be surprised if you knew how much of my creative process takes place with my eyes closed.”